Menino is gravely disappointed

Why do newspapers get a copy of the letter from Menino to Faust before the residents of Allston and Brighton?

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Menino Blasts Allston Slowdown

Regarding the content of the letter, Menino states that "the University may not make unilateral decisions." This is a new concept after watching Harvard act unilaterally for the last several years. On Monday night Harvard employees defended Harvard's intention to make unilateral decisions. It would be great if now the Mayor's Office and BRA start advocating for collaboration and joint decision-making.

But will we move from unilateral to bilateral or trilateral?

The Mayor's letter tells Harvard to meet with BRA staff to discuss the Science Complex and vacant property, but it doesn't explain what, if any, role he sees for the people who live here. We need a process that recognizes all stakeholders - City, Harvard, and community.

Harvard Menino Ltr to Faust


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I think the community will be represented in the city's negotiations with Harvard. We in the community vote for Mayor and have a representative on the City Council. I would prefer to have our elected representatives do their job.

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Bravo Menino!

    Anoymous... I hope you are right (i.e. that we will be represented). But local residents need to keep pushing. If we don't make "land banking" an issue, our representatives won't either.

    Harry, many thanks for the blog...

  3. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I hope at the next meeting on March 11 that the Task Force and the BRA keep Harvard to these time lines as stated in Mayor Menino's memo. Chip also suggested the same outline at the last Task Force meeting. I am glad to see that Mayor Menino's stand-in was paying attention to our words.