What Harvard pays to run its Allston project

At some universities, the football coach is the highest paid employee. Elsewhere it is a medical school professor or the college president. At Harvard?

The highest paid Harvard employee listed was Christopher Gordon, the chief operating officer of the Allston Development Group, which manages the school’s expansion into the Allston neighborhood. He was paid $587,172.
Source: Bloomberg.com

Also reported on Harvard's 2006 1099 form was $17.5 million paid to Behnisch Studio East Inc, the architect hired to design the Science Complex.


  1. Wait--the big guy at all those meetings, nice suit, didn't say much? I thought he WAS the football coach.

  2. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I'll try again.

    I do not think it is helpful to make a (somewhat cheap?) crack about a Harvard official on a public blog, especially not if one holds an office as a community representative. We don't like being called "little Ches;" I'm sure he doesn't like being compared to someone with less managerial experience.

    There: that's boring, but I think it meets community standards. Here's hoping.

  3. What's wrong with being a football coach? Managing a major college football program is not simple.

    Pete Carroll is an impressive person doing great work in inner-city Los Angles in addition to being one of the most successful football coaches ever. Chris Gordon and others at Harvard could learn something from what Carroll is doing to improve our society beyond the requirements of his job.


  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    I agree...but I do not think that Brent meant the comparison as a compliment. He was making a joke about how out of place Harvard's Allston manager seems at community meetings.

    I realize that jokes about our community leaders are off-limits now, so I will stop here.