Weekly Dig gives Harvard a -1

Here's how the Weekly Dig sums up Harvard's excellent Allston adventure:
"After starting a few major construction projects, purchasing and closing a mall's worth of small business, and releasing rats and a cloud of poisonous gas into the air, Harvard University has decided to slow down and possibly halt their massive development project in Allston. Thanks for not destroying the whole neighborhood, but do you mind cleaning up before you leave?"


  1. Aldie St. resident6:54 PM

    They are totally correct about the rats. Aldie St. is overwhelmed with the little bastards.

  2. If you see a rat, dead or alive, you should call the Mayor's office at 617-635-3050 to report it. Call every time you see a rat, because the city allocates funds for pest control according to the number of calls they receive. And, of course, they send inspectional services out to bait the gutters and such when you call.

  3. Harvard has been expanding recently and they are demolishing buildings releasing hordes of savage rodents. The City of Boston responded by demanding residents hunt them down. Not the Onion.