You call that a "top 6 community benefit"?

If you were making a list of 6 public realm investments to be proposed by Harvard for the next TEN years, you might think that all 6 would be pretty impressive. Or maybe not...

I'm a huge fan of making our streets safer and I spend plenty of time with young children walking and bicycling around North Allston. But it never occurred to me that the intersection of Holton Street and Everett Street was one of our biggest safety issues. The intersection already has traffic lights, push buttons for walk signals, and the electronic countdown timers that tell you how long you have to cross the street.

But somehow replacing this traffic signal is one of the six things that Harvard wants to do in Allston.


  1. Harry:
    You have to understand that when the issue of community benefits is addressed in the Harvard Plans the issue is conceptualized and focused on what benefits Harvard' s community and its view of Allston as it relates to Harvard's interests.

    These items you highlight are directly related to harvard's future and not anybody who is not on eof them
    Holton St., Telford st.,Everett and lincoln. These are all pieces in their 50 year vision. They think the whole of North Allston andNorth Brighton is their bailiwick and next they are crossing over to the south side to the edge of BU and up to harvard Ave

  2. I'll tell you why that light needs fixing: It turns red all the time without anyone needing to get across Everett. It's a horrible nuissance. I'm always coming down Everett at night and having to wait at a red light for nothing. They should put some sensors in the road, or better yet, it should turn to a blinking red/blinking yellow past dark.

    1. I'll agree with you about those sensors. I think there are several lights around the neighborhood in a similar situation.

  3. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I totally agree with the flashing light. Just remember that you have TWO elementary/middle schools near those lights. As we were all kids, some of us were taught how to use the signal poles. Push and wait to cross safely. I have seen kids and adults just walk right off the sidewalk w/o waiting for the lights to change. I have to admit that I am as guilty when crossing from McNamara House to the St. A's parking lot. But the questions remains, is it a priority-NO! to think that a "study" would need to be done, is a complete waste of time and money. I think a priority should be to get the crosswalks painted in at between McDonald's and Charlesview. The light is great, but no one will pay much attention to someone crossing unless a crosswalk tells people you need to use caution when turning onto the new street/entrance. Also, how about turning the streetlights on outside the entrance to the community center on the other new street? Now those are definitely "safety" items that can be done NOW!