Boozing 'patrolman' caught in Allston - Local / Regional News: Cops: Boozing 'patrolman' not one of us

Chugging vodka, and yelling “Pull over!” - a homeless man playing policeman hijacked an unattended cruiser and raced around the city with flashing lights and wailing sirens until the real cops slammed the brakes on his joy ride, police said.

He was busted in Allston on the corner of Franklin and Bradbury streets around 5 p.m. that night after he blew out one of cruiser No. 7089's tires.

My kids and I were walking back from the playground on Tuesday evening and saw two Transit Police cars at Franklin & Bradbury, one with a flat tire. Looked like a strange situation - there was a huge hole in the sidewall of the tire - and it turns out it does have a strange explanation!

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