One on one with Rev. Eugene F. Rivers

One on one with Rivers - The Boston Globe

I don't know what 12 year olds in Allston & Brighton do, but this is an interesting vision for a youth center in Dorchester:

"an empty storefront that he hopes to turn into a thriving boxing league.
``The ring is on its way, and this is where it goes,' he says, standing in the bay window. Already, three Everlast punching bags sit in boxes on the floor.
``Kids think they're tough? I've got some 18-ounce gloves and mouthpieces and headgear,' he said. ``Let's see how tough you are. You've got anger management issues? Get it out right here. They've been doing this in white neighborhoods forever.'
Rivers walks around the corner and announces, ``This is where the computer lab will go.' He smiles and adds, ``We'll use boxing to take kids from guns to books.'
In the basement, he envisions a recording studio and video arcade"

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