National sweep nets nearly 2,100 illegals

AP Exclusive: National sweep nets nearly 2,100 illegals -

During the raid late Tuesday, the federal squad, which includes a Boston police sergeant detective, prepared like a football team before a playoff game. Their chests bulged with bullet proof vests and stiff Kevlar gloves protected their hands from needles, knifes and rusty fences. They chugged bottled water, huddled around clip boards and stretched their limbs, ready to give chase.
Badges dangled on chains around their necks as they passed around wanted posters, shinning flash lights on the face of a 24-year-old Latvian man who had served prison time for assaulting a police officer.
The team moved in the dark, climbing fences and hiding behind parked cars to encircle a three-story house in Boston's Allston-Brighton neighborhood. All at once they emerged from the shadows. A half-dozen agents filled the front porch, their knocks on the front door echoing down the block."

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