Harvard takes first Allston steps, refines master plans

Harvard Gazette: Harvard takes first Allston steps, refines master plans
Summary of recent events. Excerpts include:

Ultimately, what happens in Allston will be exceptional and open to all, says Laurie Olin, principal of Olin Partnership and professor of landscape architecture and regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania. 'One thing about great universities is they have a tradition of providing high-quality public space that is desirable to the university community, the neighborhood, and society at large,' said Olin. 'Harvard understands the importance of creating a campus with a generous public realm that is handsome, well built, environmentally sustainable, and attractive and will give the community an identity.'
'We can create a place that is open, free, and usable by all people - families and children, and faculty, staff, and students - and contributes to the quality of life of the Allston community and Boston region,' Olin added.

"The next steps of the master planning process have to be carefully considered," said Gordon. "The University has done a lot of thinking about what makes sense, what might fit. We need to refine these ideas and think about how to make the master plan really come alive - what will the new Harvard look like? How can we make it a wonderful, livable place? Where will things be? When will they be built? - these are all key questions to explore further in conversations with people in the coming year."

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