Improvements planned for Allston/Brighton

Allston/Brighton 2007-2011 Capital Plan

This link is to the proposed City budget. The biggest projects are:

Brighton Branch Library
Install emergency lighting and exit signage. Interior renovations include flooring and carpet, window treatment, lighting and signage.
Exterior renovations include signage, fences, roof, and retaining walls. Install windows and upgrade HVAC system.

Faneuil Branch Library Phase II
Install new fire alarm system, repoint stairs and refurbish interior finishes. Improve interior lighting. Provide exterior signage, upgrade
HVAC system and improve access.

Area D-14 Station
Renovate basement, cell block and booking area, including ADA ramp. Replace windows and repoint exterior masonry. Renovate portico, front entrance and garage. Upgrade electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems. Repair roof and install fire protection system.

Veronica Smith Center
Waterproofing Repoint and waterproof front exterior masonry wall. Replace fire escape, replace windows and lintels, repair roof and interior plaster repairs. Repair front portico and provide new hand railings.

Commonwealth Ave Segment A
Reconstruction of roadway. Construction funding provide by the State and Boston University.

Commonwealth Avenue Segment C, D
Reconstruction of roadway. State construction funding anticipated.

Engine 51
Replace apparatus floor slab. Exterior improvements to building envelope and sitework. Interior improvements including stairs, mechancial, electrical and plumbing systems. Plaster and paint walls and ceilings.

Allston Maintenance Yard
Site improvements including paving, fencing, and landscaping. ADA improvements. Replace garage roof windows and doors. Upgrade site lighting and replace fuel tank. Replace furnace.

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