Proposed parking regulations for N Harvard St & Western Ave

The other main topic at this week's Harvard Allston Task Force was a presentation by the Boston Transportation Dept. about changes to parking regulations requested by the task force. The presentation is here. Comments about the proposal centered on a couple areas:
1) Regulations should extend south on N Harvard and west on Western (to Everett St)
2) No Stopping zone at the north end of N Harvard should be increased to go from Gordon Rd to the river
3) Non-residents parking in these areas may end up parking on the residential side streets instead. BTD promised that they will continue to focus on the situation after these regulations go into effect so that additional changes can be made if needed.
You can contact Adam Shulman at BTD (617 635 4680) with your thoughts on this plan. BTD will be at the October 11 task force meeting (6:30 at the Honan Library) to update the plan and schedule for implementation.

More of us now will have a reason to get a resident parking sticker. Infomation on how to do that is here.

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  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Why do these streets need these restrictions? They've done just fine as unrestricted parking for the last 75 years. And why should there be an exemption to the 2 hour limit for residents, when the adjacent properties are not residential?