Boston Globe profile of new Allston/Brighton Police Captain Genevieve King

Sounds like our new commander is taking a strong stand about the quality of life issues that are important to many of us in the community.

For new commander, the force is with her - The Boston Globe

As far as student misbehavior, King said, she's sending a "loud and clear" message as they arrive this year. "If you have a large party, underage drinkers, you will be arrested for keeping a disorderly house."

Further, King has solicited promises from the universities to take action and notify parents directly if a student is arrested. "It often doesn't bother them if they're arrested," she said. "But if a school says you're on probation -- that makes a huge difference."

Another resident concern King has heard is about traffic, particularly students speeding through residential streets to get to school. Her department is talking with neighborhood groups about changing parking and traffic patterns to force cars to slow down. Dick Hardy, a traffic engineer for the city, has already agreed to do traffic studies after September, she said.

The issue of underage drinking will also be addressed. King and her department are meeting with bar owners in the neighborhood to educate them about fake identification cards.

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