A rough start for Harvard's construction mitigation program

There is a lot to say about how Harvard is starting preparations for construction on Western Ave. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of good news to report.
Harvard says they will do a great job informing the community about the construction-related activity. They put up the notice boards that they promised but then they put chain link fencing between the boards and the sidewalk and most of what is on the notices can't be read. I'm sure they will fix this, but it seems like the sort of "rookie mistake" that is surprising to see from a developer with so much construction experience. Luckily I had a zoom lens on my camera so I could read the small print on the notice. But isn't this notice supposed to tell us what is going to happen instead of what has already happened? Today was Tuesday July 10 and this notice is for last week, the week of July 2.

1 comment:

  1. No surprise.
    The Pepsi building looks like they're getting ready to tear it down any minute. So what goes in it's place while things await approval? More open wasteland surrounded by ugly chain-link fence? It's everywhere and frankly, it's oppressive, and of course it's ugly. I really see it as Harvard flipping the finger to the entire neighborhood.