Evolution of the Harvard Science Complex design

Here is how the design of the buildings (viewed from across Western Ave) has changed in the last 8 months. Which is your favorite? How has it improved or not? Any architects out there who would like to offer a formal comparison?

1) October 2006
2) December 2006
3) April 2007
4) June 2007

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  1. That overhang/penthouse looking thing on top (I don't know what else to call it) is present in every rendering it just looms imposingly over the world (er, neighborhood) beneath it. The point of view shown faces the river. What faces the neighbors? I also find the beige facade to be closed and uninviting in spite of the windows - it's still a huge sandy-colored halting wall. Though it's far from similar in design, it still echoes One Western Avenue's imposing clunky chunkiness, and its bake you in the summer, stupidly wide greenless sidewalk that borders OWA on Western Ave.