Letter: All voices must be heard

Alex is writing about Chapter 9 "Response to Comments" of the Havard Science Complex Draft Project Impact Report (the 4MB file can be downloaded here). In many situations, Harvard's "response" isn't really a direct reply to the comments and questions posed by members of the community. But even worse is that the last 13 letters don't get any response at all.

Letter: All voices must be heard - Brighton, MA - Allston/Brighton TAB

Harvard’s Draft Project Impact Report (600 or more pages, 8 pounds, 3 inches tall) addresses aspects of their Allston plan quite exhaustively. Fully 111 pages of it responds in minute detail to the questions and concerns of each citizen or citizens group. However, anyone writing in Spanish, from the Charlesview complex, writing by hand or on lined paper, can expect their comments to be put at the end of the report. The letters placed in this section will not be translated, nor will the concerns expressed so courageously be addressed.
They deserve to be heard and not egregiously ignored.
Alex Selvig
Candidate for Boston City Council

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