Hidy-ho, neighbor! Harvard + Allston

Some architects at www.archinect.com are discussing Harvard's plans for Allston

Archinect : School Blog Project : Harvard University - GSD (Quilian) : Hidy-ho, neighbor! Harvard + Allston

Harvard, the behemoth with many heads, is moving to Allston, that much seems to be clear. As to how and when it does it, who moves there, what type of community it creates, and its relationship to its neighbors, no one seems to be quite sure. Will Harvard be a literal ivory tower separated from its surroundings, or will they follow a more friendly and open approach? Will the question be dodged by just moving the river, as a GSD professor proposed?

It is that last part, the relationship to its neighbors, that a group of very active Allston residents are trying to influence. They are helping Harvard keep in mind that their actions have real and sometimes unexpected consequences on a community. Harvard owns large plots of land, if it is not careful the community around can die. One can only understand if the local community is a bit wary, as Harvard's first steps have not been very successful. The Business school is a virtual minimum security prison, I am not even sure how one goes about getting in there...

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