Local struggle with NSTAR continues

It is amazing to see our City Councilor claim that he "won" a battle with NStar to improve the substation on Lincoln St in Allston. This substation has been the site of numerous explosions and other problems in the last several years. NStar is in the process of replacing old equipment and they put a new fence along the Lincoln St side of the substation.

But all this is much less than what McDermott and other elected officials demanded several years ago. A vacant and neglected lot sits at the intersection of Mansfield and Lincoln Streets. The safety/visual barrier wall between the substation and abutting homes remains unbuilt. So for those of us who still live here, the "battle" still continues.

Councilor builds new career: McDermott to head housing charity - Local Politics - BostonHerald.com
"McDermott said he’s most proud of his measures that reduced speeds around
playgrounds from 30 mph to 20 mph, and a battle with NStar that he won,
convincing the utility provider to spend $4.7 million to fix an electric
substation in Allston."

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