Another brick in the wall

We learned at tonight's meeting with Harvard that Harvard now owns the 6,643 sq foot lot at the corner of North Harvard and Bertram St where today there is a 7-11 convenience store. The property was assessed by the City for $432,500 but we will never know how much Harvard paid. According to the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds, "NORTH HARVARD STREET 204-206 LLC" purchased the property at 204-206 North Harvard St for $1.

Click here to see what is left for Harvard to buy.


  1. Who owned it before it was sold to Harvard? How many straw companies does Harvard have and how on earth can this be legal? What's next???!?

  2. Marion Provast from Dallas, TX sold the property to Harvard.

  3. Usually, a $1 transaction is accompanied by a simultaneous purchase of another, more expensive property. Searching on purchases for the same date (or +/- 1 day) in 02134 (and maybe 02135) might show an obvious or suspicious purchase that can be linked to Harvard.