Faust disputes Globe story - "There is no way in which we are slowing down"

WBZ NEWSRADIO 1030 - Harvard president disputes report that she's re-thinking Allston expansion

"Allston is an enormous priority for us. It is moving along very well. The story in the Globe this morning seriously misrepresents what we are up to. What I tried to say to the reporter is that we are now in a Phase 2 which is a natural evolution...

We are now involved in very detailed planning for two professional schools that are contemplating moves...

We also are preparing to file our revised master plan with the City, probably in the fall..

There is no way in which we are slowing down. We're just pursuing a thoughtful, deliberative process that has many stages, that this will take many years, and we're in a phase that is the right stage to be in. So for it to be represented as a change of course or a reversal is simply a misrepresentation."

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