Harvard leasing update

This week's BBJ tell us that "after talking with the affected neighborhood all summer, Harvard agreed to to sign 5- to 10-year leases". It would wonderful if it is true that Harvard has "gotten more aggressive about the leasing".

Because reading this article causes a bit of deja vu, remembering the November 2006 Globe editorial that wrote "University officials acknowledge the problem and say they are now prepared to give businesses leases ranging in length from five to 10 years".

And back in September 2006 Harvard presented a leasing policy for Western Avenue corridor and Holton St. properties that included 5+ year leases on Western Ave.

Good for Harvard if the third time is the charm. The Mahoney's on Western Ave would be a great place to start. It is a beautiful, locally owned business that would love to stay here and is cramped in its current location surrounded by vacant Harvard property.

Harvard makes moves to fill empty Allston spaces - Boston Business Journal

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