The Harvard Crimson reports on last night's Harvard Allston Task Force meeting

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Allston Residents Demand Benefits

“This is a billion dollar project and it ought to come with a large infusion of support into our community,” said Harvard Allston Task Force member Brent Whelan. “Harvard has the resources to do it.”

“We’re saying why wait 10, 20, 30 years to slowly integrate benefits?” he said. “Why not really make the community revitalized quickly?” Task force member Harry Mattison also said that if planning for the school and health center didn’t begin now, he doubted that the projects would get off the ground. “There are things we can start now,” said Mattison, who is also a member of the neighborhood forum. “Instead of saying, ‘Oh, these are big and complicated, let’s wait and talk about them later,’ let’s get started. Let’s move forward.”

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