Thoughts on the Harvard announcement

Local readers who have seen this map in the Globe probably noticed that, while the title says "Harvard owned property" is it actually a map of Harvard's current campus. Harvard's current campus is, of course, a subset of its entire property holdings which are shown here.
It is also interesting to consider that this is another example of Harvard choosing to have Allston and Brighton learn about Harvard's decisions from The Boston Globe instead of directly from someone at Harvard. Several Harvard staff were at a community meeting just two days ago, and at that time I had already been interviewed by the Globe reporter who knew all about this. Could Linda Wertheimer at the Globe have known about this before Chris Gordon and Kevin McCluskey?
Because if I were going to "consult more widely and deliberately with faculty and community members" a great way to start would be to come and talk with the community about it instead of surprising them through a front page news story.

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