Measuring building heights with Microsoft Virtual Earth

With all the big buildings being planned for our "little" neighborhood, one question that keeps coming up is how we can better understand the impact of the proposed buildings. To learn more about the buildings that already exist, a great tool is the Virtual Earth website at Click on "Install 3D" on the left side of the screen.

One of the neat features of this website is the green marker that follows your cursor and reports the height of the larger buildings. In the 3D Aerial mode, the height of the location under your cursor is shown in the lower right corner (AGL = Above Ground Level).
The tallest buildings in North Allston are the DoubleTree hotel (195'), One Western Ave (186'), and Genzyme (110').


  1. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Hey I let everyone know that the Development Committee meeting was on 12/03/07 for the FUTURE OF the Charlesview Apartments. I guess none of you in the coummunity care what happens when you have a 10 story buildings and six and five story buildings in your back yards with high end condos Facing all your homes casting shadows with High winds AND ALL THE CRIME THAT COMES WITH THIS MASSIVE PROJECT.
    Belive me the Charlesview Board does not care for you or anyone elses they are going to do what ever they have TO. They have the approval from the BRA AND THE MAYOR OF BOSTON. They are just like Harvard University they will lie and cheat there way to the top weather you like it or not. There is a 90 day review of the Kmart and Charlesview sites they will be doing enviromentel reviews and impact reports. By the way Charlesview does not come under the Harvard Allston task force rules this will go under another review process within the coummunity. Good Luck to all.

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