Attempted knife attack on Franklin St overpass DAILY INCIDENTS FOR SUNDAY, APRIL 6, 2008

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  1. Something has to be done about that foot bridge. Last night I had late dinner with a friend on Brighton Ave and they decided go to a bar after, leaving me to get gome on my own. It was about 9:15. I live quite close to the Pike & I can see my house from where the Sports Depot is. To go what was essentially 3 blocks I had three options: wait for the 66 to come when it wants to, find a taxi that is willing to take me such a short distance (with tip it's about $4.50), or take my chances and cross the foot bridge. I took my chances, but the walk is always a crapshoot. Many lights have been out for months (surprise!), and you can't see who is up there till it's too late. Even if it looks like no one is there, it's easy enough for someone to stand in a blind-spot.
    Does someone have to get raped or die up there or something before a redesign is considered?