Need more than a website to fix this

Today Microsoft will introduce a new tool for avoiding traffic jams called Clearflow on its website that will "give drivers alternative route information that is more accurate and attuned to current traffic patterns on both freeways and side streets."

I was thinking about traffic yesterday while watching a mile-plus long traffic jam of hundreds of cars heading east on the Pike along Lincoln Street. I don't know if there was an accident causing this or if it was just more cars on the road than it can handle. Either way, seeing this at 12:15 on a Wednesday afternoon is a troubling sight.


  1. There was an accident involving a vehicle exiting the Pike onto Camb. street (going towards Allston), that clearly lost control going around the curve of the off-ramp. I don't know exactly when it was but I noticed it last night. The fence was smushed over by the 64 bus stop, completely blocking the sidewalk. There was still a good bit of oil on the road that hadn't been absorbed by the agent sprinkled over it, so it seemed like it was pretty recent. As a pedestrian, you're a sitting duck along Camb. Street overpass/Pike area (on both sides) to the other side of the river. Whether walking or waiting for the bus it's bad news. Now the bus stop and sidewalk are blocked by the knocked-over fence. No agency had enough brains or motivation to at least drag it out of the way so that people aren't forced into the street.

  2. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Oh just wait till they cose the Beacon Park Rail Yard. It's going to be real bad!