Cambridge St accident

I don't know what happened to the bike rider, but hopefully he or she is in better shape than the bike. Accidents like this one yesterday at the intersection of Lincoln and Cambridge Streets are happening much too frequently in this area.


  1. I'm a cyclist and I rode past that aftermath on Saturday. It was chilling to say the least. A friend of mine saw it before I did and noted the car involved had a cracked windshield.

    Whether you're behind the wheel or on your bike, please be careful out there and respect each others' right to the road.

  2. Hi..I am the father of the boy who was hit . We took him home this morning ..pretty banged up but alive thank god..Did anyone see the accident ? I'd appreciate any info that you might be able to provide..My name is Pal Murphy and I can be reached at

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Thank God your son is only banged up. It would be tragic to lose another person to a bike riding accident. I was just wondering where Cambridge and Lincoln Street intersect? the intersection at Lincoln and Franklin is bad and so is the bottom of the bridge at Everett and Adamson.