NSTAR needs to clean up its Lincoln St act

As t.s. notes in this comment, NSTAR's property at Mansfield and Lincoln Streets continues to be a terrible mess. There is graffiti all over the fence, the damage done a month ago to the fence hasn't been repaired, and the Mansfield St sidewalk hasn't been swept in at least 6 months.
NSTAR, which had a profit of more than $200,000,000 last year certainly could afford to do the minimal amount of maintenance that its neighbors deserve. This substation is staffed at least 5 days a week by NSTAR employees, and someone responsible enough to monitor high-voltage electricity should be responsible enough to report to the appropriate people when their company's property is in such poor condition.

NSTAR's community liaison did not respond to my inquiries on this subject, so yesterday I spoke with the office of NSTAR's Vice President for Customer & Corporate Relations. I was assured that NSTAR will take care of these issues soon, and hopefully they can be more attentive in the future.

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