A/B issues at the June 24 Landmarks Commission hearing

3:30 - Design review application for 23 Orkney Rd - replace front porch with 2 story deck & convert window to door

5:30 - Discussion and vote on 23 Orkney Rd

5:45 - Discussion and vote on proposed revisions to the study report and vote on designation of the Sparhawk House @ 45 Murdock St as a Boston Landmark

Boston Landmarks Commission website

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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I just got a Toll Violation notice in the mail and having been wracking my brain to find out what I did wrong ! So glad I found this site. Had spent the day with my 90yr old Mum, for a pre-op visit at BMC and on the way home took a wrong turn to the Mass Pike. when I saw the U-turn sign right near the tolls, I was so grateful. NOTHING indicated it was restricted. I am going to appeal this and I hope to win, because this has to be a total set-up. I am so upset, I don't have any moving violations