What it takes to get a crosswalk repainted

A few years ago when running for Mayor, Maura Hennigan made an issues about the City's poor crosswalk maintenance and, at least in one instance in Allston, this is still a problem.
Lisa McDonough and others have made numerous requests to the City to get a crosswalk painted on Franklin Street where it meets Brentwood. This is a popular intersection used by people on their way to the Gardner School and elsewhere in the neighborhood.
Requests up until now have gotten nowhere, so Lisa brought the situation to the attention of the Boston Globe's GlobeWatch. The Boston Transportation Department explains to the Globe that the crosswalk should have been painted "a few weeks" after Franklin St was repaved last August, but crosswalk sketches for Franklin were "never received" from the city's Public Works Department. We are promised that "this crosswalk will be replaced within one week".
I think most people looking at a map or visiting Franklin St in person would agree that this is a pretty obvious place to have a crosswalk. What kind of quality control does the City have regarding road repaving? Apparently there is no inspection of a road after it is paved to check the quality of paving and other parts of the job like crosswalk repainting.
Thanks Lisa for your persistence on this neighborhood quality of life issue. We'll see how many days it takes for the new crosswalk to arrive.

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