Harvard Crimson editors comment on Allston

The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: Building for Today and Tomorrow

The editors of the Harvard Crimson comment on the condition of the Harvard campus in Cambridge and Allston. They don't offer any specifics when they refer to "exorbitant" and "excessive" demands from the BRA and Allston community, but I'll agree with them that
"Harvard should always err on the side of generosity, not only to preserve the best possible relationship with the Allston community, but because, as the world’s richest university, we can afford to undertake the responsibilities to be an exemplary neighbor."
They do get specific with some good ideas that are quite similar to what people in Allston have suggested when they write that Harvard "ought to entertain the possibility of opening a University affiliated high-school in Allston...open its shuttles to residents, create plenty of green spaces, and give the Allston community access to the planned art museum."

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