The lights are on but nobody's home

9:50 p.m. at Smith Field and a lot of electricity is being wasted.


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    As someone who has been mugged in dark parks and on unlit streets, I support this seemingly wasted energy. But I understand where you're coming from.

  2. Hi Harry,

    We've been through this before with Boston Parks and Recreation Department over Rogers Park lights.

    The department's policy is to turn off the lights when nobody is permitted to use them. The lights are probably on a timer that has to be reset during the day when there are schedule changes. (Boston Parks wants to install wireless controls to do everything from downtown, but I doubt they're far in that process because of the cost.)

    You can call up Boston Parks and ask Paul McCaffrey for a schedule of permitted usage of the park (so you'll know when it should be dark). And also ask them to turn off the lights when not in use. 617-635-PARK

  3. are you really complaining that the city is trying to encourage use of a public park after sundown during the summer?

    i'm a fairly regular user of these lights -- every wednesday night, a group of friends and i are at the street hockey court in the park until at least 10 (often later). before you ask: yes, we have a permit.

    we're usually far from the only ones out there -- there are usually softball and basketball games happening in the adjacent fields. not to mention dog walkers, strollers, and kids playing/riding bikes.

    i suspect that if it hadn't been raining all day, your pictures wouldn't look so isolated. are you suggesting that the city shouldn't have lights there at all, or what?

  4. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Is it possible to reduce the amount of energy used by way of more efficient bulbs or a user controlled system? I assume the lights need time to warm up so it's not as if we can flick them on like a switch, but can we come up with some other alternative to maintain a safe and welcoming enviornment while reducing energy use in times such as that depicted in the photo? Maybe after rainy days we could accept forgoing use of the park? Any thoughts?