Alex Beam on Harvard's Allston Farm

Apparently not everyone thinks it is a great idea to revert some Allston land to its agricultural past.


  1. I think a farm sounds nice.

  2. A farm could be nice, depends on what it is.

    If it is a segregated, Harvard-only area surrounded by chain link fences (like Harvard athletic fields) then I don't see much reason for the Allston community to rejoice.

    If a farm is part of an integrated community-university gardening experience that enriches the area like how the Fenway Victory Gardens ( makes the Fenway a better neighborhood, then I think it would be fantastic.

  3. I imagine the farm would need to be fenced off. We removed our ugly chain-link fence a couple weeks ago and people have been stealing stuff out of our yard ever since. If I had a farm I'd fence the hell out of it.

    My family is from Prince Edward Island, and the university there has a farm in the city of Charlottetown. It smells good and looks lovely, and it's very quiet. And it's cool to be in the city -- even a small city like Charlottetown -- and suddenly find yourself facing a giant cornfield. It would be nice if Harvard let me roam the farm or whatever, but even if they don't I would still rather have an orchard than another building in the neighborhood. I'm all for buildings -- I did choose to live in a city and all that -- but a farm would be something very unusual and special.

  4. Unless I read it incorrectly, they said two acres of land - that's very little to grow a reasonable amount of anything. I have some ideas:

    Put the farm in Fitchburg and make them ride the commuter rail.. (they'll drive their Audis anyway)

    Put gardens on top of their buildings.. (It won't be visible enough)

    Buy a farm share in NH.. (too logical)