BRA web gurus should fix the basics first

So the BRA wants $1 million to build "an online social network to unite people worldwide who have Boston connections". I hope it is obvious that I'm a big fan of using the Internet and other technology in interesting and creative ways. But in these tight times, when Menino says we “must do more with less” it is far from clear that Boston should pump so much money into Boston World Partnerships, an organization whose president is the past director of the BRA.

On a related note, today is the deadline to submit comments about the proposed development at 332 Chestnut Hill Ave. But when I went to the BRA's website to learn more about the project I found only a 2 sentence description, no mention that today is the comment deadline, and no link to the Project Notification Form.

If the City/BRA has the time and money to get fancy with a social network, it should do some basic work on ASAP so that it at least is performing its basic function of informing citizens about proposed development in our neighborhoods.


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