Another chance to "Beat the Time" on Tuesday

This week's A/B North Community Wide Planning meeting was the best one so far, though I still think that the meeting agendas are way too ambitious and that when so many important and multi-faceted issues are crammed into a single meeting there is too little time for the information to be digested, understood, and discussed.

Tuesday's meeting earlier this week gave less than 2 hours to discuss Barry's Corner, the Holton Street Corridor, neighborhood-wide open space, and sustainability from a community viewpoint.

Tuesday's meeting on the 14th will tackle housing, retail, and mutually beneficial development strategies.

I'm all for getting things done, but I don't really like drinking from a fire hose. It's fun to watch Cookie Monster play Beat the Time, but that doesn't seem like the best way to plan a community's future.

(The end of this skit is particularly poignant considering the ongoing discussions about commuter rail. If Cookie Monster can get a train to stop on Guy Smiley's set, then maybe we can get one to stop in Allston or Brighton too)

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