Allston: The State of Play in 2009

Perspective, Harvard's liberal monthly, interviews me in its current issue - Allston: The State of Play in 2009


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Next Monday and Tuesday, Students at the Yale School of Architecture will be presenting theoretical proposals for the train yard piece of Harvard's Allston expansion plan.

    Presentations will be at 11:45-6pm, Monday and Tuesday, 180 York St, New Haven CT 06511. The head of the Harvard/Allston expansion project will attend Monday's presentations. The event is open to the public and involves Q&A.

  2. That's interesting. Who is the professor for this class?

  3. Anonymous4:12 PM

    There are multiple professors who are assigned to small groups of students (approximately 60 students, and 7 instructors.) This is an older and inaccurate description of the course, also with inaccurate professor listings. Some of those listed are teaching, others are not, and new instructors added.

    Students at Harvard's school of architecture have also made proposals.

    Please note these are theoretical student proposals. NOT things that Harvard would build or even consider building.

    But at the student presentations, one could get a sense of how the architects, developers, and university, are thinking about the expansion.

    There had been some interesting responses to Yale student work around Gowanus in Brooklyn a few years ago.

  4. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Great interview Harry!

  5. Anonymous1:28 AM

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