Charlesview scoping session no-shows

Yesterday the BRA held a "scoping session" meeting for City agencies and members of the Impact Advisory Group to learn about the current Charlesview proposal and ask the developer questions. It is perfectly understandable that none of the community members who are volunteering their time to serve on the IAG were able to make this 10am meeting in City Hall.

But I was surprised and disappointed that Public Works was the only City agency represented at the meeting. Nobody from the Parks Department was there, nobody from the Transportation Department was there, nobody from the Environment Department was there, etc. These people work just a few floors below the 9th floor where the meeting was held, but for some reason these departments couldn't find anyone available to make the elevator trip upstairs to be part of the review of one of the largest developments that will ever happen in this part of Boston.

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  1. I inquired about going to this meeting to Jay Rourke, and he stated that it was just for the IAG members, and not for the public.

    As everyone knows not one Charlesview Residents was APPOINTED TO THE IAG.