Org changes for Harvard's Allston planning

Back in 2006, Harvard's Allston Development Group was separated from the group planning everything else at Harvard. Since then, the ADG has been reporting directly to Harvard's President.

But like so much else related to Harvard's plans for Allston, this organizational structure is now changing as the 2 planning groups are being put back together in a group that will report to Harvard's new EVP.

Note that the Science Complex or anything else in Allston is not included in the "huge projects" upcoming for Harvard.

President Faust's perspective - Harvard Magazine
"capital planning for construction projects will be consolidated by combining the Allston Development Group and the University planning staff, and coordinating those efforts with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ real-estate organization. (Harvard and FAS face huge projects such as the renovation of the Fogg Art Museum and the multiyear, billion-dollar-plus renovation of the undergraduate Houses.)"
Katherine N. Lapp named Harvard executive vice president — The Harvard University Gazette, August 20, 2009

She will oversee the financial, administrative, human resources, and capital planning functions of the central administration, as well as administrative aspects of information technology.

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