Send your support for A/B Commuter Rail

Having the commuter rail stop in Allston or Brighton would be wonderful for this neighborhood in so many ways, so I hope you will join me in taking a few minutes to write a letter to support this valuable project.

The State Office of Transportation gave this presentation on June 15 explaining that a station location would be chosen based on design feasibility, expected ridership, connectivity with other transportation, local impacts, and cost. Based on this, a station at either Cambridge St (Sports Depot area) or Everett St (near the Stop & Stop) was recommended.

If you want the train to stop for us, please write to Secretary James Aloisi by Friday August 7. All letters should be sent to:

Secretary James Aloisi
The Executive Office of Transportation
10 Park Plaza, Suite 3170
Boston, MA 02116

Allston Brighton Commuter Rail Analysis


  1. Hi Harry-
    I posted a comment via the EOT's website:

    But I was not able to find detailed info on the study on their site... do you have a link?

  2. Hi Peter,

    The most detailed study info I know of is the presentation they gave at the June 15 meeting. There is a link to it on the Urban Ring website

    or you go to it directly at


  3. I just wrote a letter. Thanks for posting this! Very interesting! I hope they go through with it before my 4 month old goes to college.

  4. Terri - Thanks for adding your voice to this issue! I'll be optimistic and hope that it is built before my 2 year old is in college.

  5. Anonymous11:14 PM

    A commuter rail stop in Allston would make a lot more sense if the T used one-car trains self-propelled by a diesel engine. This would allow for much more frequent service, with quicker schedules due to better acceleration, while not costing any more per passenger-mile of service since they can be operated by a single employee.

  6. Anonymous1:46 AM

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