Standing room only at last night's Charlesview meeting

Thank you to the more than 100 neighbors who packed the BRA's Charlesview meeting last night where there was no air conditioning and only enough chairs for fewer than 1/2 the people who attended. We delivered a clear message that the proposal can be greatly improved if Harvard allows development on more of its vacant and underused property.

Coincidentally, Mayor Menino's spokewoman is quoted in today's Globe commenting:

"He’s made it quite clear that community involvement is number one, and always
has been, and buildings need to be in keeping with the neighborhood in which
they reside"


  1. Harry-
    If available, can you please post links to the BRA-led Holton Corridor planning documents and diagrams? It would help to compare/contrast with the current Charlesview proposal.

  2. The presentation from the most recent BRA Holton St Corridor planning meeting is at:

    Much of this information was presented at that meeting but never discussed with the community. The phasing ideas in particular may be supported by the BRA but I do not agree with them and believe that many other neighbors also believe we need a more specific, enforceable, and aggressive phasing to the development.