Michael Flaherty on Harvard's Hole

Candidate for Mayor Michael Flaherty met with some local bloggers today (not including this one) and had this to say about the situation here in Allston. I'd add that Harvard's Hole isn't really much of a hole anymore, since the below-grade work seems to be largely complete. But Harvard Hole does sound better than Harvard Slab. And I haven't seen any giant rats recently, but there seems to be no shortage of little ones.

Michael Flaherty on Downtown Crossing as a war zone, the police commissioner and speaking up Universal Hub
He added the same [performance bonds] would apply to the Harvard hole in Allston, "one of the largest holes in New England," and the end result of years of Harvard misleading the community under Menino and the BRA. "It's a gaping hole and rats, probably the size of small dogs, are literally taking over Allston."

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