Harvard to Cambridge - You are still our #1

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Harvard Talks Up New Housing
At the annual Cambridge Town-Gown meeting, Harvard assured Cambridge that despite the slew of construction across the river in Allston, “Cambridge remains the heart of the University.”

Also, there was significant discussion about the advantages for Cambridge as Harvard plans to move undergrads to Allston to make room for more grad student housing in Cambridge. Grad students certainly will do more for the local economy as opposed to undergrads whose experience is more insular to their colllege. Grad students are more likely to have children and to be part of the community.

In Harvard's 50 year "plan" for Allston there are just a few new housing buildings proposed that would seem to be likely to contribute to the North Allston/North Brighton community.

By the numbers, in the next 50 years Harvard proposes 1.2 million sq ft of undergrad dorms in Allston. That is more than 3 times the amount of grad student housing proposed for Allston (350,000 sq ft).

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