Zoning Board of Appeals Hearings on Feb. 27

Hearings are at 11:30 on Tuesday, February 27.

  • 24 Farrington Avenue - Extend living space into the basement of a three-family dwelling
  • 116 Lake Street - Confirm the legal occupancy as a one-family dwelling and extend
    living space into the basement
  • 578-580 Washington Street - Change the legal occupancy from a real estate office and three apartments to three apartments and body art establishment
If you wish to express an opinion in regards to the above proposal either in favor or in opposition, please detach the lower portion of this announcement or mail to:
Board of Appeal
1010 Massachusetts Avenue, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02118
Please feel free to call the Board of Appeal at 617-635-4775 if there is a question or concern you might have regarding this matter.

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