How much public life would Harvard Athletics bring to Barry's Corner?

Harvard, in its 50 year plan, describes Barry's Corner as "urban, active, and when all the facilities are completed on its corners, a bustling scene."

How does Harvard plan to achieve this? With "new athletic facilities for fitness, hockey, basketball, swimming, and rooftop tennis courts." These facilities include the relocated pool, hockey rink, and basketball courts that would need to be relocated to make room for undergraduate dormitories along the river. So it is worth looking at how these athletic facilities, which are only open to the public as spectators at Harvard athletic events, could really create an active and bustling scence.

Here are the Harvard athletic events open to the public held at those facilities during the 2006-2007 season.

SportHome GamesSeasonApprox. Attendance
Basketball - M13Nov - Feb750 - 1500
Basketball - W12Nov - March150 - 1500
Ice Hockey - M14Oct - Feb1200 - 2200
Ice Hockey - W16Oct - Feb400 - 800
Swimming - M3Nov - Jan200
Swimming - W3Nov - Jan200

Total events: 61
Approximate # of people per event: 1000.
Cumulative calendar months: October - March

The people who attend these events are not people going from store to store, or walking along Western Ave animating the street. These are people sitting inside for a couple hours at an indoor event. Most of these events start at 7 p.m. and end after 8 or 9 o'clock.

How many of those people will leave the event and immediately leave the Barry's Corner area (to walk back to Harvard Sq, drive home to the suburbs, etc.)? How many will walk along Western Ave, go to the shops there, and be part of making it a lively urban scene?

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