An idea from New York that could make our neighbhorhood more livable and walkable

The City of Walkers and Dreamers (5 Letters) - New York Times

“The City That Never Walks,” by Robert Sullivan (Op-Ed, Jan. 29), is right. New York City must change its priorities and reapportion its precious public real estate, too much of which has been given over to the motor vehicle.

New York City should simply convert approximately every 10th street to a green street, with widened sidewalks, bike paths and clean bus rapid transit lines. Other vehicles would be permitted to enter these green streets for a single block for loading and unloading only.

This simple, elegant step would bring New York into the 21st century, and prepare it for a growing population with efficient and environmental transportation, while building on the city’s true and rich character as a pedestrian city.

Gary Eckstein - Brooklyn, Jan. 29, 2007

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