IMPORTANT - Email the BRA by Friday about Harvard Expansion

We were off to a great start yesterday! Click here to visit AllstonBrighton2006 and read the several new posting yesterday about Harvard and Allston.

In case you haven’t already, I hope that you will email Gerald Autler at the BRA (click here to email) before Friday about Harvard’s Art Building proposal. We need lots of people to speak up, so please ask your family and friends to write too.

The email can be short and to the point. The BRA should not approve a Harvard Institutional Master Plan Amendment to create an art building at 224 Western Ave. That is the wrong location for a 130,000 square foot building. Harvard owns a lot of other land in Allston where it could build a wonderful big museum. The community will be happy to work with Harvard and the City to find the right location and design the right building. But 224 Western Ave is not the right location and Harvard’s development in Allston is too important to allow such an obvious mistake to be made.

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