Looking at Harvard's Science Complex

During the past several months, questions have been asked about the physical appearance of the proposed Science Complex. One of the better ways to understand the buildings and their relationship to the existing neighborhood is with a physical three-dimensional model.

One of the models that Harvard brought to a community meeting is shown below and in this document.
This model shows details of the facades but it lacks any context to show how these proposed buildings relate to Charlesview and the residential neighborhoods to the south and west. The model also has an unrealistic ghost-like appearance because it is entirely white.

So it is great that page 10 of Appendix B of the Science Complex DPIR has a photo showing the Science Complex and some of the adjacent neighborhoods. We can finally see the difference in height and size between the homes on Hopedale St, the Charlesview apartments, and Harvard's proposed buildings.
To further clarify its proposal, Harvard could add more detail to this model to show exterior windows, smokestacks and other key features. A coat of paint matching the beige color of the building would make it more realistic. And the model should be installed at the Honan library for the duration of the comment period to give more Allston and Brighton residents a chance to view and understand it.

Everyone seems to agree that we don't want this project to be another One Western Ave. So the more everyone understands the buildings before they are built the happier everyone is likely to be after they are built.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I say send Harvard back to Cambridge and leave us alone. Let Harvard go into another coummity and bye other property up in the burbs. We will not benefit from any of there Projects so leave Harvard

  2. Wow.
    Talk about looming over the neighborhood...
    The complex dwarfs everything around it.