TAB article about the Allston Civic Assoc meeting and plans for Lowe's in Brighton

Lowe’s gets community support - Brighton, MA - Allston/Brighton TAB


  1. Anonymous9:31 PM

    The Mayor of Boston is making Allston & Brighton the DUMPING GROUNDS for his agenda He let the University of Allston & Brighton Walk all over us now Lowe's. jimmy

  2. "Lowe’s would also spend money to fix traffic signals in the area, and representatives said they hoped to cut down on employee traffic by encouraging bicycle use as well."
    I'd like to know just what percentage of Lowe's employees are going to ride their bikes through an area that is most inhospitable to bikes in the first place? How about better service for the 64? How about better service for the 86? The percentage of people who might ride their bikes to work is so small that for Lowe's to use this as a positive selling-point on lessening the impact of traffic is a joke.