BC Task Force meets tomorrow (Wednesday)

BRA BC Task Force Meeting
Wednesday, January 16, 6.30-8.30 PM
Brighton Marine Health Center - 77 Warren St., Brighton

There will be a meeting in which the BC Task Force and assembled public will discuss proposed transportation plans in BC's 10 year Institutional Master Plan. Among the topics:

  • Creation of a 500 car, 5 floor parking garage in the former Seminary land, for a total of 863 on the parcel. There are presently 788 parking spaces, of which approximately 200 are currently used.
  • Relocation of St. Thomas More Drive's outlet onto Comm. Ave farther East (towards Boston).
  • Relocation of the BC "T'" stop farther East, in the center of Comm. Ave, with widening of the street (and consequent loss of natural features and trees) on both sides of this Greenspace Overlay District.

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