College prep efforts at Brighton High recognized in NY Times

This story (Urban Schools Aiming Higher Than Diploma) in Thursday's Times highlights efforts in urban public schools to prepare students not just to graduate from high school, but to also attend college. Programs and efforts at Brighton High receive special attention in the story:

At Brighton High in Boston, for the first time this year, John Travers, the head of counseling, and his staff visited every freshman English class to begin mapping out the steps toward college: Maintaining a high grade point average. Taking tough classes. Building a résumé.

Mr. Travers leads students on trips to colleges many of them pass every day on the “T” to high school, but have never visited.

“We all went to Bentley on the bus together,” said Rashell Wilson, 18, vice president of Brighton’s senior class. “We had a beautiful tour.”

Ms. Wilson and her classmates ride the T over an hour after school to nonprofit programs where they get extra help with tutoring, and with their college applications. They take free SAT prep classes at night.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    The college process is a difficult one. We had a very hard time with our daughter at first, but found a good tutor that helped us out with was a huge help.