A/B elected officials write BRA re Harvard Community Benefits

Sen. Tolman, Reps Moran and Honan, and Councilor Ciommo recently wrote this letter to the BRA. They ask for Harvard to provide:
  • Expanded programs at the Educational Portal for English, Writing, Civics, the Arts, Music,
    and test preparation courses and tutoring for the MCAS, BPS Exam Schools, and college entrance exams.
  • Use of Harvard athletic facilities for the students of the Gardner School during the day
  • A full scholarship to any Allston/Brighton resident student who has lived in the community for at least five years and who has gained admission to Harvard
  • For Harvard to begin the work necessary to lay the foundation of a university-assisted school.
  • A Harvard partnership with schools in Allston/Brighton to enhance the math and science programs currently in place
  • Access to Harvard libraries for all children using the Education Portal
  • Preference for A/B residents for construction jobs on the Science Complex
  • Public access to the Harvard shuttles
  • Several construction mitigation measures to reduce impact on the neighborhood near the Science Complex
  • Increase the community’s share of the day care facilities at the Science
    Complex from the current nine slots to twenty-five slots
  • 60 new units of housing located in Allston/Brighton
  • Improvements along the Charles River

Quite a long list! Stay tuned to see what comes of it...

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