Southie’s fear: Allston/Brighton's studentifcation

Rep. Wallace could have found a less denigrating way to express his concern about a possible increase in apartment units in his neighborhood. Maybe the next time Honan or Moran see him at the State House they could ask him to ease up on their home turf.

Not long after the BRA approved plans to build 139 condominiums at 50 West Broadway, home of the former Cardinal Cushing High School, the developers went back to the BRA, seeking permission to build apartments, instead of condos.

To the dismay of South Boston state Rep. Brian Wallace, the BRA approved the change.

“I’ll never support that because we’ll become Allston-Brighton,” Wallace said, adding that he fears other condo developers will also switch to apartments, and his constituents will become transient students from area colleges, instead of homeowners.

Southie’s fear: Allston -


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Dumb article. The best quotes in there were John Keiths and Tim Pappas..other than that the article made zero sense!

  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I like to know who gave the approval for the construction of science 1 to work after 8:00 pm at night on weekdays. with Lights glaring in to my apartment in till after 8:00 pm at night, and trucks backing up and beeping up till 8:00 pm at night witch it is very anoying I complain to the BRA, and then to the Mayor of Boston, received a reply from mr aulter and he forward the complaint to BTD, AND HARVARD UNIVERSITY, NO RESPONSE from the Mayor office, and then to Rep Moran no response from his office either. I guess the polit only work for you when they want your VOTE. I guess i will change my party affilation as a republican just a concern Charlesview resident